Tonight: Agent Orange + Room 101’s Last (Houston) Hurrah + Benjamin Wesley + More

Talk about taking the good right along with the bad… I have to admit, the show tonight (Wednesday, June 30th) up at Röcbar sounds pretty damn awesome, even if it hurts a little at the same time….

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Like Trains & Taxis + Trout Fishing + Blackmarket Syndicate + IFest + More

Last day of the weekend coming up fast, Sunday, April 25th, and while it’s not quite as insane as the past couple of days, there’s still plenty going on — here’s the list of what looks good to me, at least: Like Trains & Taxis @ Dean’s Credit Clothing This one caught me somewhat off-guard, […]

Live: A dream Asleep and the Juggernaut

A dream Asleep was throwing their video release party Sunday night at Rocbar. I had been feening to see this thing since singer Mike Seals texted me saying that they were shooting a video for their first single…

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