Today/Tonight: Remembering Chris Bean, at Big Star Bar

Damn. It sure feels like this has been happening a lot lately, and it really, truly sucks — by my count, that’s three young, cool people gone in the past 12 months, with Chris Bean the latest. I didn’t know the guy, but I’ve heard good, good things about him…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Canned Acoustica + Amon Amarth + Dead to Me (MP3s!) + Bun B + No Hidden Meanings + More

Yes, yes, y’all, it’s the weekend, once again. Specifically, it’s Friday, August 26th, and it’s a busy one, to be sure… The biggest on my personal list is the latest installment of the Canned Acoustica series put on by photog/scenester Mark C. Austin

Riverboat Gamblers, Underneath the Owl

The Riverboat Gamblers’ latest release for the Volcom label, Underneath the Owl, does well at providing die-hard fans with torrential vocals over quick, slappy guitars, but feels like a shallow push towards marketability — although I doubt that was the Gamblers’ intention…

Live: X/Rollins Band/The Riverboat Gamblers

Henry Rollins is one of my heroes. I dig his music, his spoken word/comedy, his books — I’ll even go see crappy movies that he’s in just because I like to see him act. Yeah, I’m talking about Jack Frost, and I’ll probably rent Wrong Turn 2 eventually, as well. I’ll also always take the Rollins side in the Black Flag debate…

Riverboat Gamblers, To the Confusion of Our Enemies

After 2003’s Something to Crow About demonstrated their balls, charm, attitude, and sense of humor, Denton’s Riverboat Gamblers were poised to become one of the country’s best garage-punk bands. Instead, they chose to move to Austin…

No Frat Boy Beer: A Few Pointed Questions for the Riverboat Gamblers

~ In which singer Mike Weibe of The Riverboat Gamblers describes their views on music, their love of Texas, and their preference of Lone Star over Shiner… ~

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