Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Christina Carter + Lance Higdon + Unite to Destroy Fest + Houston Rocks! Showcase + More

Last day of the weekend, and yours truly is currently out on the road somewhat — down in Surfside right now, creeping myself out by standing on the sand in fog so thick you can barely see fifty feet ahead and imagining a ghostly pirate ship cruising past…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Pianos Become the Teeth + Resonant Interval + Boondocks Anniversary (Weird Party!) + More

Last of the pile, and yep, there’s still stuff going on tonight, Sunday, July 11th, all ’round our little city-type thing. Not as much, I’ll admit, but hey, what’s there’s good, right? Here goes…

Yr. Weekend: LIMB (Reviewed!) + B L A C K I E (Reviewed!) + Raekwon + Paris Falls + Screwtape + Resonant Interval + Tool + More

It’s shaping up to be quite a handful of days, coming up. Starting tonight, Fri., June 18th, there’s good, good, practically unmissable shit literally each night…

Tonight: Resonant Interval at The Exoskeleton, Right Damn Now

Sorry for the lateness; as I type this in via iPhone (woo, technology!), there’s a midget on my lap who’s fighting sleep… Right about now, though, the latest {Resonant Interval Sound Series} installment is kicking off over at The Exoskeleton (the successor to The Husk, in the Khon’s Bar shopping center), and I’d be remiss if I skipped it

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Screwed Anthologies + Gray Tapes (MP3!) + B L A C K I E

On to Part III of the weekend’s festivities… Sadly, Sunday, May 30th only boasts one show that really does much for me, and that’s the latest installment of the Resonant Interval Sound Series at Khon’s Bar

Last-Minute Show + Some Bad News: Resonant Interval, Right Now

Argh. Spent the day mostly blissfully disconnected from all things Internet-like, so I’m only seeing this now… Turns out that there’s a surprise Resonant Interval Sound Series show tonight up at the group’s new space, which is yet another currently-unused retail area in the Mekong Center building (2808 Milam). They’re calling it “The Exoskeleton,” which […]

Live: Wall With One Side/Trills

Around this time last year, I walked into the wrong yoga studio and intruded on a New Age music event. In my tardiness, I brashly opened the door to a contrasting space of people laying on colorful yoga mats…

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