Saturday: Linus Pauling Quartet Releases 3-CD Anthology/D&D Module(!), Plus a Badass New Video, Exclusive to SCR

These days, anybody can put out an album. All it takes is a couple of instruments, a mic, and a computer, and poof: instant bedroom-studio rock that you can dump out onto the Web for all to hear and comment on (and okay, maybe even buy). After a while, though, that whole “album” thing, it gets boring, played out. When that happens, well, what the hell do you do next?…

Good News Time: Linus Pauling Quartet Premieres Video on Noisey (+ Updated Release Date!)

Yes, folks, I’m happy to say that I’ve now got some actual good news to even out a lot of the bad we’ve been getting lately, with people dying and bands breaking up and shows being cancelled and whatnot. Namely, total fukkin badasses the {Linus Pauling Quartet} have finally released the much-ballyhooed official video…

And Out of the Ashes, Behold!: Knights of the Fire Kingdom

Okay, so I’ll admit that a little chunk of my soul crumbled and died when I heard that Roky Moon & BOLT! were soon to be no more, splintered off to different cities and future projects and whatnot; I really, truly love/loved that damn band…

Cotton Mather (Re-?)Issues 1997 Classic Kontiki, At Long Last

Once upon a time, I happened across this CD. I was going through the “Local” racks at one of this city’s few, fine music stores (the long-gone “old” Soundwaves, most likely, before they moved onto Montrose proper), and lo and behold, there was this neat-looking album…

Reminder Time: Latch Key Kids, This Weekend (And a New Video)

Just wanted to take a moment to point folks towards this weekend once again and remind all & sundry that this coming Saturday, January 14th, up at Fitzgerald’s, is the official-shmofficial release party/show

H-Town 2011: The Ultra-Massive List of Everything Released This Year (That We Know About, Anyway)

Holy wow. Seriously? With the specter of 2011 top-ten lists looming not too far off on the horizon, yours truly started putting together a quick list of all the local, H-town-based releases that saw the light of day this year, and, well, it kind of got out of hand…

H-Town Mixtape

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