Not All Texas Music Is Country — TXFEST Arrives Tomorrow to Prove It

I have an admission to make: I yell at the TV every weekend. No, not during Fox and Friends (well, okay, I do that sometimes, too), but during Texas Music Scene, or rather, right at the beginning of Texas Music Scene

Coming Up: Yes Indeed! 2013 Explodes Into Downtown, This Weekend

Ah, yeah. Like the title says, this coming weekend marks the return of the Yes Indeed! Music Festival, and holy crap does it look awesome. This year the venue’s shifted somewhat, from the Main Street area…

Let The Bass Drop: Surviving FPSF 2013, Day One

If there’s anything I’ve learned in all the years I’ve spent doing critical writing, both in college and after, it’s that you can make anything have a theme. Not that everything actually has a theme, mind you, but rather that if you read…

Tonight: Knights of the Fire Kingdom & We Were Wolves Tear Down Rudz

There’s actually a fair amount of stuff going on tonight, despite it being a Thursday (January 17th, to be specific), but the show that knocks me flat on my ass for this evening is over at Rudyard’s, where truly awesome, guitars-on-fire rockers…

H-Town Mixtape

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