Join the Pussy Riot Today, Outside the Russian Consulate on 610

Saw this a few days ago and wanted to mention it at least briefly, since it’s happening, well, today, Thursday, August 9th, literally right next door from where I work, at the Russian Consulate

Tonight at The Mink: Protest the City’s Criminalization of Charity

Utterly ridiculous. I’ll freely admit I haven’t been able to follow this like I’d have liked, but even the basic facts of this seem ludicrous. Under a new law, if you want to freely give food to the homeless, you have to get permission from the property owner…

Occupy Houston, Today (UPDATE: And Beyond, Too…)

I’m going to dive (briefly) into the political ocean here, folks, so be warned… In case you have yet to see it, today marked the beginning of Houston’s very own Occupy Together-themed protest…

This Thursday: Take a Moment for KTRU & Embattled College Radio As a Whole

Tonight was a special “homecoming” deal up at {KTRU}, the student-created, student-funded, student-run radio station that’s called Rice University home for the past three(?) decades — the current student leadership invited all former DJs and staff back home…

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