Day for Night 2017 Rundown, Pt. 2: Nina Kraviz + Pussy Riot + B L A C K I E + Narcons + Andy Stott + Pretty Lights + Perfume Genius + St. Vincent + XLX

Howdy, all — we’re back again with Round Two of our annual-ish bunch of randomly-chosen previews for Day for Night, Houston’s quirkiest music/art/technology/whatever festival, which is nearly upon us…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2(?): Fishbone + American Fangs + Pretty Lights + Custom Car Fest + More

The last night of the weekend, Sunday, September 23rd, is upon us, and yep, there’s still some good stuff going on. Not as much as over the past few days, true, but what’s there is pretty damn high on the “goodness” scale. Here goes…

Free Press Summerfest Day 2: I’m A Survivor!

By Sunday, I felt like I was a pro at getting around on the Free Press Summer Fest grounds. The festival organizers were also getting better at knowing what they needed to change…

Free Press, Sun, and Sense: The Erratic Ramblings Of A Wayward Concertgoer

This was the fourth installment of an exhilarating, up-and-coming summertime weekend music festival in the fair city of Houston, thrown by the preeminent local events and entertainment rag of the same name, the Free Press. In its first year, the Free Press Summer Fest featured Broken Social Scene as one of the headliners. Don’t get me wrong…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: IDentity + DiverseWorks + Folk Family Revival + The Julys + Prairie Cadets + More

What is with the weekends, lately? Once again, we’re coming up on a Saturday (August 27th) where there’s literally so much going on I can’t even wrap my brain around it. Wow…

Pretty Lights, Glowing In The Darkest Night

“Come and watch the pretty lights!” exclaimed the 1966 Pink Floyd poster that inspired producer Derek Vincent Smith to name his electronic music project Pretty Lights in 2006. Four years later, after releasing the two-part Filling Up the City Skies

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