Tonight: Check Out Beach Slang’s Badass New Album at Arlo’s, Courtesy of WIRED UP (Plus a Review!)

Alright, so it’s not a show, but it’s damn cool anyway. Tonight, Monday, September 19th, the good people of WIRED UP — modern conveniences (one of whom is Bucky Thuerwachter, who you might remember fondly from the Hands Up Houston days, among other things) will be hosting a pre-release/listening party for excellent, excellent Philly dudes Beach Slang

Beach Slang, A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings

I’ll confess to being pretty disappointed in recent years with punk rock in general. Maybe I’m showing my age, but seriously, most of what I’ve heard lately has left me pretty cold, to the point where I’ve wondered if it’s really worth listening to as much anymore. Then, as happens at times like these, the Universe steps in to tell me I’m wrong, and I’m being a moron…in this case, “the Universe” being Pennsylvania rock dudes Beach Slang…

Japandroids, Celebration Rock

The musical landscape continues to evolve as genre-blurring artists ply their trade in a valiant attempt to create the next big thing. Terms like baroque-folk, moombaton, chillwave, and the ubiquitous and often hollow “indie-rock” have all worked their way…

Asobi Seksu, Fluorescence

Honestly, Asobi Seksu’s Fluorescence hits so many damn touchstones — and seemingly throws in more with every subsequent listen — that I feel like I can barely keep hold of it. Right when I think I’ve got James Hanna and Yuki Chikudate pegged…

Loney, Dear, Dear John

Ever since I first heard “Airport Surroundings” on NPR’s All Songs Considered back in December, I have not been able to get Loney, Dear out of my head. I waited patiently for almost two months to be able to have that particular song and others from the new album…

Headlights, Kill Them With Kindness

Over the years, the definition of “pop music” has changed dramatically in my eyes. For a long time, I genuinely believed that announcing that pop music was your primary music drug of choice made you appear to have no taste in music whatsoever…

Aloha, Some Echoes

The last time I heard Aloha (prior to listening to their newest album, Some Echoes), I was making my babygirl a mix-tape and I pulled out Sugar, from like 2002. I scanned through it, however, and realized that all of the songs sounded the same to me and none were comp-worthy…

Cale Parks, Illuminated Manuscript

There is nothing flashy about Cale Parks, but he makes geek look good. In between albums for the indie band Aloha, Parks decided to take it upon himself to release his first full-length debut, Illuminated Manuscripts

xbxrx, Sixth in Sixes

xbxrx plays hardcore punk stuff crossed with some no-wave guitars, with lots of hardcore tempos and hyperactivity. The band likes to write lots of odd breaks into their songs, and the vocals range from shouting to screaming (from which they still wring a fair amount of variety)…

AM/FM, Mutilate Us

One-sheets are a bitch. For those of you unfamiliar with them, one-sheets communicate to the reviewer of the record the pre-digested information that the record label or band promoter wants you to know about the band. AM/FM’s one-sheet prominently features a quote…

American Football, Polyvinyl CD Single Series 001

Hmm…didn’t somebody else do this a while back? Ah, who cares — Polyvinyl, one of the oddest, most interesting labels around, recently started up their own CD singles club, featuring new stuff from folks like Braid, Calvin Krime, Paris, Texas, and Burning Airlines (and American Football, naturally). I think it’s a very cool idea, especially […]

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