Before the Flood: Images From FPSF 2017

Now that the floodwaters have receded (mostly), and things have finally started to cool down (temporarily), we figured it was way past time to look backwards to happier days (again, mostly), namely to this past summer’s FPSF, back when we didn’t know who in the hell “Harvey” was, we weren’t all experts at ripping out drywall…

Think Like A Photographer: FPSF 2013, Looking Through the Viewfinder

I’m supposed to be on vacation! And here it is July, and I’m finally finding time to write about my Free Press Summer Festival experience. Right after FPSF I headed out on an incredible California and Oregon trip to surprise my sister for her birthday, as well as see…

Let The Bass Drop: Surviving FPSF 2013, Day One

If there’s anything I’ve learned in all the years I’ve spent doing critical writing, both in college and after, it’s that you can make anything have a theme. Not that everything actually has a theme, mind you, but rather that if you read…

Live: The Wheel Workers/The Wandering Bufaleros/Jealous Creatures/Second Lovers

When you have been in bands for 25 years, you can tell when a band has put everything they’ve got into a performance. This kind of effort was on display at Fitzgerald’s last night. With the release of their new album, Past to Present, The Wheel Workers

A Sweet Hot Hell: Surviving Summerfest 2011, Day One

After only the first couple of hours of being at this year’s Free Press Summerfest, I was feeling really freaking old. There was a time when I could pull off an all-day festival in the blistering heat of summer…

Bluefinger Opening Weekend: Photos

Bluefinger, the play based on the Black Francis concept album, starring Matt Kelly as Herman Brood and Michael Haaga as Black Francis opened this past weekend…

Still Recovering from Sunday… (+ Summerfest Photos)

Nothing yet, sorry, on the magnificent insanity of that Free Press Summerfest, except to possibly say “um, wow.” Oh, and photos — lots and lots of photos, some good and some not-so-good. Feel free to check out the Flickr set on over here…

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