Looking Backwards into Bright Lights: Photos from Day for Night 2016, One Year On

Here at SCR, we’re fortunate to have worked with some truly talented photographers over the years, and at the top of that list are Jason Smith and Marshall Forse Walker, both of whom are wonderful guys and both of whom have shot a whole lot of pictures for us…

Get Yourself Some Damn Photos: David Garrick Brings Musicians & Photographers Together, Today at Walter’s

So, this right here is a very, very cool thing. Everybody knows that if you have a band or play music solo or whatever, you need to have pictures of yourself, of some kind. Really, you do; as somebody who often has to use said pictures, trust me, you fucking need them…

Rock N Roll, In Photos: See Marc Brubaker’s Concert Photography, Starting Tonight

If you’ve been to any shows around this town since the year 2000 or so, odds are good that you’ve run across photographer Marc Brubaker without even realizing it. He’s a photo ninja, somehow hiding that lanky frame ’til just the right second to get the shot, popping up in the photo pit and then…

Tomorrow: Mark C. Austin’s Print Job Opens Over at Cactus

If you follow any of the music coverage in our fair city, you know Mark C. Austin‘s work, even if you don’t know the man himself. His work’s graced the pages of the {Houston Press}

2011 Houston Music in Photos

I bought a used Nikon D80 in the summer of 2010 and was instantly discouraged by my photos. It took a lot of reading, looking at others’ photos, adjusting my camera, buying new lenses (most of these are taken with a 35mm f/1.8), and messing around to finally get in a photography groove…

“Through the Lens of the Bald Heretic” Exhibit, Opening Thursday

If you pay any attention at all to things music- and/or technology-related in Houston, then odds are that you’ve seen or heard the guy’s work, even if you don’t realize it. Jay Lee, possibly better known as The Bald Heretic

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