Yr. (Late) Weekend, Pt. 2: Overflow Fest + Giant Battle Monster + The Tyburn Jig + Jealous Creatures + Gladys Knight + More

The site’s getting short shrift again tonight, I’m afraid; it’s been a crazy couple of days, trying to get a ton of stuff done while I’ve been technically on vacation, and right now I’m in the horrific throes of re-doing the back room, which basically means moving everything out of it…

Tonight: Sarah Jaffe + Art Institute + Avant Garden Quinceanera + Animals As Leaders + Peter Murphy Announcement + More

Holy crap — what day is it, again? Thursday, you say? (January 20th, if we’re going to be exact…) Wow. There’s a crapload of excellent stuff going on tonight, so I wanted to at least drop the list in here…

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