Mid-Week MP3age: Paleo/Karnivool (Tonight!) + Wayne Hancock + Hey Rosetta! + TV Buddhas + Jukebox the Ghost + Peter Wolf Crier

After the badness of the past couple of days, which’ve frankly left me more down, frustrated, and angry than I would’ve expected, I need some goodness to balance things out. So hey, there’s this pile of MP3 thingies that keep clogging up my Inbox, and lo and behold…

Paleo, Misery, Missouri

Dave “Paleo” Strackany’s debt to Neutral Milk Hotel would be far less obvious if not for his ill-advised affectation of Jeff Mangum’s (unaffected) nasal whine. Ironically, it would be far more obvious if Strackany possessed…

H-Town Mixtape

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