Sad News Time: P.O.S. Cancels Tour Due to Medical Issues

Well, damn. Just got word that Minneapolis rapper P.O.S. — who has been my absolute favorite rapper in the universe since 2009’s amazing Never Better — has had to cancel his entire U.S. tour

Doomtree, Coming to Town Next Week (Plus MP3s/Video)

Holy shit, y’all. Aside from the growing host of H-town’s own homegrown heroes ({Fat Tony}, {B L A C K I E}, {iLL LiaD}, hasHBrown, {Nosaprise}, & {The Niceguys}, I’m looking at you) and perennial favorite Atmosphere

The Dutchess & the Duke, Interviewed & Tonight (+ P.O.S. + No Talk + Rock The Shelter)

Sunday now (December 13th, to be precise), and tonight’s got me fairly excited, actually, even in comparison to the last couple of nights, primarily because of the first thing on the list below, the show at Walter’s with Seattle duo The Dutchess & the Duke. I was able to chat a bit on the phone […]

Update: Golden Cities + Loney, Dear (2/10) + P.O.S. + Built By Snow (2/14) + More

Already posted about the review of the eponymous Golden Cities album, but I didn’t want to skip over the other excellent reviews up this week, as well, esp. since some of ’em are coming to town in the next week or so. Next up on the list, in fact, is Loney, Dear, who’ll be here […]

P.O.S., Never Better

I honestly didn’t think he’d be able to pull it off. After 2006’s mind-crushingly awesome Audition, with its paranoiac rhymes, punk-rock-ified beats, popcult-fueled riffs on suicide and revenge, and full-on angry-ass vibe, I figured nah, there was no way…

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