SXSW Overflow 2014: Day Three (Small Houses, Koo Koo Kanga Roo, Hawk and Dove, Dylan Taylor Band, White City, Hollis Brown, & More)

Trying to keep things moving on with our SCR coverage of the always-awesome SXSW Overflow Fest up at Super Happy Fun Land, so it’s on to Day Three of the festivities. As I noted before, this thing is cheap, cheap, cheap, a measly $8 per night or $24 for the whole damn deal; that amount of money won’t get you real far up in Austin right now…

SXSW Overflow 2013: Day Seven (Charles Ellsworth, Yusif!, Pillage & Plunder, Tom Blacklung and the Smokestacks, Big Mess, Kal Marks, & More)

phew. Hey, folks — I’m back in town and online. And holy crap, does it feel like I missed a lot; apologies for not updating from the road, but I was so exhausted in the evenings (chasing a hyperactive 3-year-old around is no picnic, especially when he refuses to nap and has a cold) I mostly just crashed out…

SXSW Overflow 2013: Day One (Time and Distance, Hip Hatchet, Otonana Trio, & Friend Roulette)

Damn. I have to say, this year SXSW crept up on me even more than it usually does; I’ve been pretty distracted with personal- and work-related stuff lately, so much so that until Jason Smith

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