Opeth, Sorceress

Opeth have divided their fans over the last few years by taking a musical approach that can barely be called metal, much less the brutal, technical death metal with which they made their name. Longtime fans seem to fall into one of two camps: some refuse to accept the new music because it’s “not Opeth”, while others think Michael Akerfeldt and company can do no wrong…

Yr. Week, Pt. 1: The Temper Trap + GTA + Gang of Four + The Faint + Opeth + The Sword + The Dandy Warhols + Deep Cuts + Young Girls + More

Alright, so this week I’m attempting to get this whole “cool shows coming up” thing done a bit early, in part because, well, I keep running out of time at the end of the week and partly because there’s some seriously awesome stuff happening mid-week. So here’s my attempt at Part 1 of your weekly rundown, with subsequent parts (hopefully) to follow…

Live: Lamb of God/Opeth/Unearth/Chimaira/A Life Once Lost

This year marked the beginning of a new summer music festival called the Sounds of the Underground Tour. The tour brought to arenas across the country heaps of underground metal bands from record labels such as RoadRunner, Century Media, Metal Blade, and Trustkill. Unfortunately, the tour didn’t come to Houston, but there were several “off-dates,” where a select group of bands from the tour played shows at small venues in nearby towns…

H-Town Mixtape

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