Tonight: Hot Water Music + OFF! + Grandfather Child + Folk Family Revival + Coog Radio Anniversary + More

Sorry for the recent quiet, all, but I’ve been out of town for Day Job work, meeting people & hiking around Cambridge, MA. (Which is very, very cool, incidentally, even if it’s more expensive than God to live here.) However, there is literally a heaping pile of awesomeness happening back on the home front…


There once was a band called Black Flag. This band had an original vocalist named Keith Morris, who would later go on to form Circle Jerks, whilst Black Flag would become more known as being a vehicle for Henry Rollins. Then a bunch of time passed, as it always seems to do, and Keith Morris came out with this band called OFF!. When I was growing up, I didn’t know a whole lot about hardcore punk. I guess in some ways I knew what it was, but didn’t, really…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: When We Ruled H-Town + OFF! + Giant Battle Monster + Alex Dezen + More

It feels a little weird, honestly, but tonight (i.e., Friday, October 14th) is a little light, shows-wise, at least relatively speaking. Fridays lately seem to’ve been overflowing…

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