Something Wicked This Way Comes, Tomorrow

Not positive if it’s just me or what, but it sure feels like Houston’s been the recipient of a whole lot of excellent, high-flying electronic/dance/EDM/whatever the kids call it these days music lately. The now-happily-recurring Identity Festival aside, I’d guess it has a lot to do with…

Live: Identity Festival Houston 2012

You’ve gone to one electronic music festival, you’ve gone to them all, right? Naaah. Yes, superficially it might seem as though they seem to imitate one another — an echoing hard electronic beat here, a neon tutu and furry leg warmers there, perhaps…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: IDentity Festival + New York City Queens + excuseMesir + Perseph One + More

We’re onto Saturday, August 11th, now, and while it’s a little bit quieter than it’s been recently, there’s still some good stuff going on. Here we go…

Live: Ultra Music Festival & IDentity — The Road to Ultra 2012

Ultra Music Festival: three li’l words that bring such a huge smile to the faces of all who fully understand what they mean — and we’re not just talking about basic comprehension of the definition of words, here…

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