Coming Up: Yes Indeed! 2013 Explodes Into Downtown, This Weekend

Ah, yeah. Like the title says, this coming weekend marks the return of the Yes Indeed! Music Festival, and holy crap does it look awesome. This year the venue’s shifted somewhat, from the Main Street area…

WE LIKE THINGS 2010: Amazingness you need to hear & see from last year.

So, the Grammys are well and over, so I guess it’s about time to get the Official Space City Rock Top-Ten Lists of Amazingly Cool Things You Must See/Hear/Whatever (late, late, late, sure, but hey, we meant to do that, alright?). Read it, and obey…

Tomorrow Night: Murdocks (MP3!) + Sleeping In The Aviary + Alkari

Sure, I know this isn’t the Big Show of the Night, but much as I like The Prince of Darkness himself, I’m just not that psyched about seeing him live, I’m afraid. Instead, I’d rather be over at ECHO

Coming Up: Downtown Houston Music Fest

Okay, so I’m not entirely sure I’m getting the name right, but it sounds pretty cool, either way… A few weeks back, while emailing back & forth with Tim Shelburne of Austin band Mobley, Tim mentioned that the band would be back in town…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Linus Pauling Quartet (Reviewed!) + Indiehouston Anniversary + Helstar (Reviewed!) + Murdocks + More

Another busy night in H-town tonight (Sat., October 23rd, specifically), but unfortunately, I’m not there — off visiting the fam, so apologies for this being a bit late-notice. There’s some really good stuff that’s literally about to start, so get on out of the house…

Tonight’s Dilemma: mr. Gnome @ Rudz / Papermoons & Bright Men @ The Mink / Dizzypilot & Murdocks @ Walter’s

Yeah, you read that title right — tonight’s another “damn, I wish I had a cloning machine…” night, with great, great things happening all over our (not-so-)fair city… Option Uno: Tops on my list is tonight at Rudyard’s, where Clevelanders mr. Gnome will be blowing the roof off, setting hair on fire, and creeping everybody […]

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