Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Balmorhea + Meryll (MP3s!) + listenlisten + The Spits + TV Ghost + Eisley + More

Yeah, yeah, yeah — I know, I know, the big news this weekend is the Summerfest that’ll be unfolding the next two days in all its sweaty, muddy, eardrum-destroying glory, but hey, that doesn’t mean everything else just stops, right?…

Meryll, Happened

Okay, I’m impressed. With their second effort, Austin’s Meryll have created an album that serves pretty damn effectively as the soundtrack for an ’80s childhood, back when life still seemed innocent and free (to us kids, anyway) and you could roam the neighborhoods…

Update: Meryll (Tonight!) + Flight of the Conchords + PRE + Gretchen Schmaltz + more…

Yep, another week, another update — no new features this week, but we do have a fresh new pile of reviews for y’all, including yours truly pontificating on the 2nd full-length from Austinites Meryll. Who, I should say, not only happen to be really good in a catch-you-off-guard kind of way (I’ve had “Lightning Threatens” […]

H-Town Mixtape

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