Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Buxton + Jealous Creatures + The 71’s + American Fangs + Los Skarnales + Reagan Youth + More

Got some previously-scheduled stuff I’m trying to get to tonight, Friday, December 14th, so I’ve got to keep this brief, I’m afraid. There’s a lot of good shows happening, though, so I didn’t want to let ’em fall through the cracks…

Another Run, I’ll Be There

It’s refreshing when a rock band isn’t afraid to mellow it out, groove a bit, and be emotional. I had heard of Another Run, and before I had a chance to listen to their music, I had this image of them in my head…

Tonight: Co-Pilot Tour Kickoff, at The Mink

Yeah, I know, I suck — I have been a complete and total slacker on the blog this weekend (and also on the shows list, it seems, since I completely neglected to put last night’s Robert Ellis show at Walter’s on there; sorry, y’all…not intentional, just lamebrained)….

Update: Jessica Lea Mayfield (Tonight!) + Judas Priest (7/24!) + Mechanical Boy + Reel Big Fish (7/27!) + Patrick Wolf + More

Yep, yep, yep — in-between the ultra-short-notice posts I’ve been slapping up here lately, there’s been quite a bit of new stuff going on on the site, and I’m damned proud of the current pile, I have to say… First up, thanks to new-ish Austin-based contributor Chris G., we’ve got a cool preview-type thing for […]

Live: My Beef With Mechanical Boy

I had been hearing about Mechanical Boy for awhile now, and it had always been my intention to check them out. So while I’m on their Myspace one day, I figured, “I really dig these guys,” and I send them a friend request. That was the first mistake in a downward spiral of circumstance and innuendo that would culminate in a face-to-face confrontation at their July 10th Warehouse Live show…

Mechanical Boy, Play Along

Reinvention is a bitch. I’m guessing the guys in Richmond, TX’s Mechanical Boy have been finding that out the past year or three. When last we saw (er, heard) the band, on their self-titled EP from a handful of years back, they were full-on members…

Update: Mechanical Boy Review + CD Release Tonight

Again, we are all about the J.I.T. reviewing, and today is no exception… Just slapped up a review of Mechanical Boy‘s new album, Play Along, on the site, which is damned good timing considering that the Richmond-bred crew will be officially releasing the disc tonight, Fri., October 25th, up at Fitzgerald’s. The show was scheduled […]

The Mechanical Boy, The Mechanical Boy

The Mechanical Boy truly threw me for a loop. I had no idea that Richmond, TX, was the musical place to be, but apparently it is. Musically, I totally hear Audioslave and the like in this band. I have mentioned countless times before that, in my book, metal blows chunks…

H-Town Mixtape

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