Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Balaclavas + Buxton + Mando Saenz + Weedeater + Robert Ellis + More

Hey, all — it is shaping up to be one busy, busy Friday (October 7th, to be precise). First off, though, a bit of news… In case you hadn’t heard already Adele has cancelled all of her U.S. tour dates…

The Houston Sound Starts Up Again, This Friday

Another little tidbit of good news for the week; I’d been afraid that maybe The Houston Sound series of shows had faded away when the last round finished…

Tonight’s Houston Sound Series Kickoff, Cancelled

You might’ve heard/read recently about this new thing called {The Houston Sound} — it’s a non-profit deal that’s aimed at getting Houston’s burgeoning music scene recognized and growing even more than it already is, and it sounds like it’s going to do some great stuff in the coming days…

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