Day for Night 2016 Rundown, Pt. 2: Wild Moccasins + Matmos + Daughters + Arca + Chelsea Wolfe + Liars + SOPHIE + S U R V I V E + DJ Windows 98 + Squarepusher

Hey, folks — back again with Part 2 of SCR‘s little rundown/preview things of as many randomly-selected musicians and bands performing this weekend —Saturday, December 17th & Sunday, December 18th — at Day for Night as we can cram in in the short time we’ve got left…

Liars, Liars

Consider this truth: Liars has produced a solid new album. With three respectable records and a national tour with indie favorites Interpol behind them, Liars’ should be prepared to greet new and old fans and much well-deserved attention. Liars is a haunting unraveling…

Liars, Drum’s Not Dead

If they had any other band name, you could probably take Liars to court for some of the most jarring stylistic changes since Neil Young got sued for transmogrifying his roots-rock sound into Trans. Their first album fit snugly in the school of spastic dance rock…

H-Town Mixtape

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