A Damn Shame: Rest In Peace, Kathy Johnston of Mydolls

When bad news hits, it all hits at once, it seems like, and this week’s no exception; got word the other day that {Mydolls}/{No Love Less} guitarist Kathy Johnston, passed away

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: David Garza + Suzanna Choffel + After Party + Paige Lewis + C.J. Ramone + More

Today feels weird, for some reason; yesterday felt like a Sunday, which always makes the real Sunday (July 17th, to be precise) feel like an extra, added-on day. Usually, that’s a good thing, but it’s got me feeling unsettled this time…

A Little H-Town Music News Madness

I’ve been way, way behind on the local music news-type stuff, unfortunately. I have a stupid tendency to just kind of “collect” news I get for long periods of time, waiting ’til there’s enough (in my OCD brain, that is) to post about…

Concert for KTRU, This Saturday!

While I’m on the subject of benefit-type shows, I can’t help but mention this one, near & dear to my heart as it is… This coming Saturday, August 28th, supporters of venerable, well-loved Houston radio station {KTRU} will be rocking the house…

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