Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked: Surviving FPSF 2017, Day One

It began with a screwup. On my part, mind you, nobody else’s. Before I get to that, though, there’re some things that need to be said about FPSF, aka The Festival Formerly Known As Free Press Summer Festival…

FPSF Preview: Khruangbin

If I were to have to write up a list of the most absolutely intriguing bands to ever come from the Houston scene, well, it’d probably be a fairly long list, but also, Khruangbin would be up there near the top…

One Month Out: FPSF 2017 Is On Its Way, So You Better Get Damn Ready

It’s that time in H-town’s musical year when it feels like the festivals just keep popping up left and right and left again, y’know what I mean? Hell, we’ve already had a couple slide by, namely Houston Whatever Fest and The Munchies Picnik

Things To Watch: Khruangbin, “Two Fish and an Elephant”

So, did you realize Houston has a Thai soul-pop band? None of whom are from Thailand, mind you, as far as I’m aware, but Khruangbin have embraced the ’60s-era pop/funk stylings of that country, where bands took American and British pop music and filtered it through Thai culture to make it something strange and different and their own…

Tonight: Grandfather Child Hits the Road, at Warehouse Live

It may just be me, but it seems like it’s been awful quiet lately over in the {Grandfather Child} camp. For a year or two there, Lucas Gorham, Ryan Chavez, Robert Ellis, and Geoffrey Muller seemed to be freaking everywhere

Yr. (Belated) Weekend: The Suffers B-Day + Beer Fest + The Illegal Wiretaps + Mama Tried + Holder + Peloton + More

Damn. Blew it completely last night, sorry; I’m currently in the midst of handling some family-related things, and while I’d planned to post something for Friday, it sadly just didn’t work out. sigh. So here it is now Saturday, June 9th

Live: Mills-McCoin’s Rock and Roll Circus

I’ve been seeing John Mills-McCoin around at Houston shows for years now. I finally introduced myself to him at Mark C. Austin‘s Houston Invasion shindig at SXSW; anyone he meets is an instant friend. There are a handful of Houstonians that I see more than anyone else at shows I attend…

Benjamin Wesley Releases New Album, This Weekend & Next

I mentioned a while back that local do-everything musician/one-man-band {Benjamin Wesley} had a new album coming out, and yep, that happy day is upon us. Er, days, really, to be completely accurate…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Venomous Maximus (Rev’d!) + Mason Lankford + The Handshake + Kashmere Stage Band + More

Diving headlong into the weekend, now, with Friday, August 19th, and there’s some great stuff going on across town. First, though, just a couple of changes and reschedulings coming… Tonight it appears that Days of the New have cancelled…

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