Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Tegan & Sara/Local Natives + Bernie Worrell + Black Congress + SXSW Overflow + More

Damn. Feels like I missed out on a whole lot of awesome stuff this week, being out of town (and not in Austin, sadly); I’m currently attempting to make up for lost time & get back into the swing of things, so bear with me, eh? There’s some excellent shows happening tonight, Friday, March 15th — here’s what I think looks cool…

SXSW Overflow 2013: Day Seven (Charles Ellsworth, Yusif!, Pillage & Plunder, Tom Blacklung and the Smokestacks, Big Mess, Kal Marks, & More)

phew. Hey, folks — I’m back in town and online. And holy crap, does it feel like I missed a lot; apologies for not updating from the road, but I was so exhausted in the evenings (chasing a hyperactive 3-year-old around is no picnic, especially when he refuses to nap and has a cold) I mostly just crashed out…

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