Musician to Musician: Knights of the Fire Kingdom

Jeoaf Johnson and I go back a few years, to his days as a sound-man at The Mink club on Main Street. As a sound-man, he was friendly and hard-working and known for getting a lot of sound out of a very cheap and temperamental sound system. As a drummer…

Got These Voices In My Head: Words with the Knights of the Fire Kingdom

Sometimes, all I really want to do is rock the hell out. I just want to hear guitars, bass, drums, and yelling/singing, all loud as fuck, with distortion that’s just enough to not be metal, rough-edged vocals, and a solid, pump-your-fist rhythm…

And Out of the Ashes, Behold!: Knights of the Fire Kingdom

Okay, so I’ll admit that a little chunk of my soul crumbled and died when I heard that Roky Moon & BOLT! were soon to be no more, splintered off to different cities and future projects and whatnot; I really, truly love/loved that damn band…

A Sweet Hot Hell: Surviving Summerfest 2011, Day One

After only the first couple of hours of being at this year’s Free Press Summerfest, I was feeling really freaking old. There was a time when I could pull off an all-day festival in the blistering heat of summer…

Standing Room Only: Behind the Scenes With Roky Moon and BOLT!

SCR was extended an invitation to sit in on the recording sessions of American Honey the new album by Roky Moon and BOLT. It was a chance for me to soak in the creative process of a band that has been an enigma to me for the better part of two years…

Pigeon Eater Studios

Heard from one of the two owners of the place, Jeoaf Johnson, so I figured I’d put a little note up here about ’em. Johnson co-owns/runs Pigeon Eater with Terry Nunn, who also did the sound over at Walter’s on Washington

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