FPSF 2014 Rundown, Pt. 1: The Orwells + Lizzo + Washed Out + White Sea + Ishi + Poolside + Eagle Claw + More

Yes, friends, it’s time. Well, almost time. This year’s Free Press Summer Festival is approaching fast, a mere handful of days away, and yeah, passes are running out — don’t be stuck like last year, when the whole damn thing sold out, right? I haven’t seen word yet that there are no more passes available, but odds are pretty good it’ll happen, seriously…

Live: The Bright Light Social Hour/Ishi

I have Houston promoter Hector Del Valle to thank for my first exposure to The Bright Light Social Hour; he brought them from Austin to Houston for the Daniel Johnston 50th birthday party concert. I was actually there to see my friends…

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