Apocalypse Town, This Week

sigh. Dropped the ball yet again, I’m afraid — it’s happening so damn often I’m sorely tempted to try to come up with some kind of football-related way to describe it, except I dunno a damn thing about the state of the sport these days, so eh. This freaking month, I swear…

Using Your Own Blues: SCR’s Exclusive Conversation with the Director and Stars of Diverseworks and Catastrophic Theatre’s Bluefinger: The Fall and Rise of Herman Brood

On Friday, November 12th, at Diverseworks, the Catastrophic Theatre will debut the world premier of their adaptation of Pixies singer Black Francis‘ concept album Bluefinger, titled Bluefinger: the Fall and Rise of Herman Brood

The Seximals, Always Pithy After Repose

This is a different direction for the Seximals. Whereas their previous album, My Old Problems, was a collection of lo-fi rock songs, Always Pithy After Repose is a collection of sample-based pieces with samples culled from some of the Seximals’ favorite recordings…

Infernal Bridegroom Productions, In the Under Thunderloo: Original Score

If you’ve ever seen one of the Infernal Bridegroom Productions plays, you know that one one of the things that makes a lot of the plays great is the live music that goes along with them. Instead of having canned music during or between scenes…

H-Town Mixtape

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