Houston Whatever Fest, This Weekend

And now, from the Better Late Than Never Department (Hopefully)… I’ve been meaning to post for a good long while now about Houston Whatever Fest, which unrolls this Saturday and Sunday

This Weekend: Rock Out & Laugh Your Ass Off at Houston Whatever Fest

Hey, all — I know, it’s been a while, right? This past fall yours truly has been somewhat on hiatus, swamped with work and home-related things and reluctant to even touch the damn keyboard (unless it has to do with stupid-ass political debates on Facebook, mind you, because people are stupid and because yes, I’m one of those stupid people who argues with other stupid people online even though it makes no difference)…

Holy Freaking Whatever Fest, Y’all (Coming August 9th & 10th)

Yeah, yeah; I know, I still need to get my damn writeup online about this year’s awesome FPSF (soon, I swear by all that is good and holy…), but while you’re waiting for that — as I’m sure you all are, with bated breath and everything — there’s been some badass-sounding news this week about another music festival, which will be having its inaugural run August 9th and 10th

H-Town Mixtape

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