2012 HPMAs Ballot, Now Online (UPDATED x2!)

UPDATE: Okay, so apparently I misunderstood the rules for the voting. You can vote not just once, but once per day on the ballot for whoever you want to win, from now until August 5th

Houston Press Music Awards: Voting Starts Today

Yep, as of yesterday evening, those tireless folks over at the {Houston Press} have officially tallied up all the nomination ballots (more than 9000 votes!) and released the official-schmofficial ballot

HPMA Nomination Time: Vote by Tomorrow, or It’s Your Fault, Dammit

Yeah, yeah — I realized I’m way, way behind on this one; that’s just how the past month or so’s been, unfortunately. But hey, in case you, like me, are swamped and distracted and whatever else, consider this your wakeup call/reminder…

HPMAftermath: 9 Bands, 7 Bars, 1 Wristband, A Ton of People, & 1 Very Sore Foot

Yeah, I got out there a bit late — I didn’t make it to this year’s Houston Press Music Awards Showcase downtown ’til 6PM or so, which meant I missed 2 hrs’ worth of cool-ass bands. Perils of domesticated life, unfortunately; it gets hard to force myself to hop in the car & abandon the […]

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