Yr. Weekend: LIMB (Reviewed!) + B L A C K I E (Reviewed!) + Raekwon + Paris Falls + Screwtape + Resonant Interval + Tool + More

It’s shaping up to be quite a handful of days, coming up. Starting tonight, Fri., June 18th, there’s good, good, practically unmissable shit literally each night…

B L A C K I E, Spred Luv

There is nothing about B L A C K I E that is not singular. Despite his undeniable affinity and devotion to his native geography and his home in Chemical City (Pasadena) in particular, the solo endeavor of the man born Michael LaCour stands out as stark as the all-caps-with-spaces typography of his name…

LIMB, The Shape of Punk for Some

The only time I’d ever seen or heard LIMB before now, the “band” consisted solely of primary instigator James Templeton, a laptop, a vintage-looking keyboard, a mixer, and a bunch of effects pedals. And while it was interesting, definitely, I can’t claim that it blew me away…

H-Town Mixtape

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