Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: The Small Sounds + Grady + Record Store Day + Born Liars + Darwin’s Finches + Mix Master Mike + More

Coming up on Saturday, April 16th, and I’m attempting to get at least a little bit of a jump on things, for once. And hell, if anything, there’s more cool stuff going on tomorrow than there was today. At the top of my list is the long-awaited return of {The Small Sounds}

Update: Grady (Tonight!) + Springsteen (4/8!) + Bolt (4/18!) + More Reviews

Yep, we’ve got a pile of new reviews up online as of late-late-late last night, so I figured I’d better point ’em out, esp. since one of the bands reviewed, Austin’s Grady, is playing tonight (Fri., April 3rd) up at The Continental Club. I honestly hadn’t heard of these folks ’til this Houston visit, but […]

Grady, Y.U. So Shady?

I’ve heard bands before that blur the line between Southern-fried rock and the blues — hell, Stevie Ray Vaughan rode that line at times — but few obliterate it as completely as Austin’s Grady. They grab hold of a fistful of downhome Delta blues licks, drown ’em in cheap whiskey…

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