Tonight: Stand Together & Rock Out With H-Town Muslims, at Walter’s

Hey, all — long time, right? This new year of ours has been a little rough on yours truly, between frenzied work to meet post-holiday deadlines at the Day Job (and yes, said deadlines have since been moved, naturally), some personal family stuff, holiday recovery time, and the flu thing I’m still fighting right now…

Video Catch-Up Time: Giant Kitty + Oceans of Slumber + Second Lovers + Keeton Coffman

Over the past year, I’ve missed and/or dropped the ball on a whole bunch of stuff, I seriously have. I’ve got a to-do list like you wouldn’t believe. And one of the things I want to punch myself in the face for most is all the awesome, excellent, strange, quirky videos from Houston bands and musicians I’ve let slip past these past 12 months (or more, honestly)…

Giant Kitty, This Stupid Stuff

Simple works. It just does, just about every damn time. And with This Stupid Stuff, four-piece punk rock crew Giant Kitty prove that over and over and over again. Even for a punk band these days, they’re refreshingly old-school, dancing across the grey area…

Tomorrow: Listen to Awesome Music & Help Out Houston Cyclists, In Honor of Chelsea Norman

Getting late, and my eyes are rapidly melting in my skull (in part because I stupidly started Andy Weir‘s The Martian after dinner and haven’t put it down until just now), but I didn’t want to drop the ball on this one — it’s pretty damn important. In December of 2013, a woman driving down Waugh hit and killed a 24-year-old Whole Foods employee as she biked home from work

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