Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Gypsy Camp + Tilly and The Wall + dead horse + Barely Blind + Fallcore + Stephen Farris + More

Had a long, busy day with the fam at the Renaissance Festival today, so this is running a bit late, I’m afraid; plenty going on this Saturday, November 17th, so get on out there if you haven’t already. Here we go…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: MonstrO + Girl In A Coma + Finnegan + Sundress + Texas Massacre + More

Argh. Sorry, y’all — dropped the ball again tonight, I’m afraid. There’s a lot going on tonight, Sat., December 10th, and some of it’s still going on, so get on out…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: the last place you look + Cymbals Eat Guitars (Rev’d!) + Buxton + The Soldier Thread + More

Gaaaaah. This week, I swear… If it isn’t the nerve-wracking deadlines at the day job necessitating long, long hours, or family members falling ill, it’s sewage backing up into the shower from a busted line somewhere under the yard. sigh

Happy 5th Birthday to The Mink, Tomorrow

Yep, another happy occasion is upon us: tomorrow night, Friday, December 10th, cool Midtown venue/bar The Mink will be celebrating its 5th Year Anniversary

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Ghoulsfest + Ka-Power!Ween + The Eastern Sea + Colour Revolt + The Tyburn Jig + Co-Pilot + More

Holy crap, there are a lot of things going on today (Saturday, October 30th). So many, in fact, that it almost feels like there’s no way I can even begin to write about ’em. Damn… And yet, I have to try; here goes…

Update: Ghost Mountain (Tonight!) + Searching for Signal (9/26) + J. Tillman (11/26) + New/Old Films + More

Yep, got new stuff up this week, including one review for tonight, Sat., September 19th — local psych-hop mavericks Ghost Mountain are opening for what promises to be a mind-blowing Devin The Dude show tonight up at the Warehouse Live, so we’ve got a review up of the band’s most recent release, the VHS-only Summer […]

Ghost Mountain, Summer Tapes

So you say your band’s releasing its new album only on cassette? That’s so, er, early 2009, y’all. Want to really take a totally noncommercial, ultra-indie stab in the dark with your band’s next release? Follow the example of strange, candy-like electro-hip-hopsters Ghost Mountain…

Tonight: Mos Def (Reviewed!) + O Pioneers!!! (Painful) Surprise Show + Ghost Mountain + theSTART + More

A bit of a late notice on this one, I know — just got back from some much-needed Galveston vacationizing and realized that holy freaking crap, that Mos Def show is tonight (Wed., August 19th, you calendrically-impaired people), with Jay Electronica (about whom I know zero) over at the House of Blues. And yes, this […]

The Other Night: Buxton, The Wild Moccasins, & Ghost Mountain @ Mango’s

It was hot. I was hot. Really, really, really fucking hot, the level of hot at which sane adults begin to wonder what the fuck they were thinking in the first place. At least, that’s what was going through my head as the two teenaged members of Ghost Mountain ambled onto the stage to start […]

Update: Buxton + Ghost Mountain + Diagonals (All Tonight!) + Handsome Furs + Tiny Masters of Today + More

Got some cool new reviews up, some just in time for the weekned-ness. There’s a review of the really new 7″ from countrified indie-popsters Buxton, which’ll be released at a cool-ass show tonight at Mango’s — I’ve been digging the hell out of A-side “Feathers”, in particular, but both sides are darn good. Full review […]

Ghost Mountain, Siamese Sailboats

And now, dropping by from another planet…Ghost Mountain’s Siamese Sailboats. Okay, maybe not, but that’s sure what it feels like to listen to the trio’s seemingly acid-fueled mashup of Spiritualized psychedelia, nerdcore-style rapping…

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