Tonight: Keeton Coffman Releases His New Album, Out at Dosey Doe (Plus Other Cool Shows, Too)

I know I’ve been missing a ton of great shows lately, but dammit, I can’t let this one slip by without a mention. Keeton Coffman, who the longer-memory-having folks among you might remember as the frontman of gone-too-soon band The 71’s, is my absolute favorite guy singer/songwriter in town these days…

Live: The Night Shirley and the Boys Rocked the House of Blues

“I know it seems as if we’ve been sitting on the couch eating Twinkies for the past seven years, Houston,” a bittersweet Shirley Manson exclaimed to her faithful fans. If you wanted to see the ball-busting, heart-throbbing, and hair-raising Garbage

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Melvins + Unsane + Sight, Sound, Space + HoC Benefit + Art Institute + Mango’s Band-Off + More

Dunno where you are, but outside our doors the weather is full-on crappy, alternating between torrential downpours and hail; nevertheless, there’s a ton of cool-sounding stuff to do tonight, Friday, April 20th. I’m stuck at the casa, unfortunately, fighting off a nasty case of strep…

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