Funeral Horse, Sinister Rites of the Master

Funeral Horse frontman/guitarist Paul Bearer, aka Paul Chavez, aka Walter Carlos, is something of an enigma to me. I’ve met the guy a few times over the years, live and electronically, and each time he’s been doing something seemingly completely different, sometimes using a different name, and every damn one of those things has been pretty great. First there was the sadly-overlooked art-punk/New Wave trio Art Institute; then came along sleazy, gritty gutterpunks…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Giant Battle Monster + P.L.X.T.X + dead horse + David Garza + Funeral Horse + More

Been taking a bit of a break today — Saturday, June 29th — to hang out with the kids at the neighborhood pool, eat burritos at Freebirds & ice cream at Amy’s, and watch Lilo & Stich with the munchkins. But hey, there’s plenty of good stuff happening tonight; here we go…

H-Town Mixtape

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