Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2(?): Fishbone + American Fangs + Pretty Lights + Custom Car Fest + More

The last night of the weekend, Sunday, September 23rd, is upon us, and yep, there’s still some good stuff going on. Not as much as over the past few days, true, but what’s there is pretty damn high on the “goodness” scale. Here goes…

the last place you look Release New Song/Video (and Play a Show Tonight)

I have to say, it has been too damn long since post-emo heroes {the last place you look} released new music — hell, it’s been so long the {Houston Press} apparently thought…

Vote for the 2010 Texas Buzz Awards, Right Now

It gets a hell of a lot less press than the Houston Press Music Awards, but local alt-rock radio station The Buzz has its own, somewhat more specialized awards…

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