Tonight: Mantis (Video!) + Sing Your Life + Nobunny + #RSAApproved + Saints & Tzadiks + More

Some good, good stuff going on tonight (Wed., February 16th), so I didn’t want to let it slip past without at least a mention… First & foremost, I’m psyched to see that the band Mantis has crept stealthily back out of the dark…

Framework, The Intellect of Apes

I’m conflicted on The Intellect of Apes, the four-song debut EP from Hollywood Black bassist/vocalist Ben Ellis’s Framework solo deal. And yeah, what it boils down to…

Update: Joshua English (Tonight & Tomorrow!) + Dax Riggs (Tonight!) + Framework (6/2)

Two excellent-sounding shows going on tonight, plus one a few days out, and while all three (er, four, technically) are of the “one guy and a guitar” variety, they really couldn’t be more different… The first is a little further afield than usual — it’s a house show at the house down in Richmond […]

H-Town Mixtape

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