Yes, Indeed! 2014 Rundown, Pt. 2: Handsomebeast + The Trimms + After Nations + Another Run + Poor Pilate + Lion Among Men + Fake Believe

Yep, here we go again, for a second pile of preview-type things for Yes, Indeed! 2014, which happens tonight — i.e., Saturday, September 13th — all down the Mid-Main area of shops, bars, and restaurants. There’ll be stages at The Continental Club, Shoeshine Charley’s Big Top Lounge (aka The Big Top), The Alley Kat, and the Pachinko Hut, which is basically the back patio of the Continental Club…

Update: Fake Believe (Tonight!) + Electric Attitude (Tonight!) + Behemoth + Dillinger is Dead + More

Hey, all — got a new bunch of reviews up this evening, so I wanted to put a quick note up here about ’em, especially since two of the bands, Fake Believe and Electric Attitude, both happen to be playing tonight (Sat., September 12th) at The Festival at Mink (which I already blathered about here, […]

Fake Believe, Talk Speak EP

While there’s nothing strictly wrong with the first two tracks of Fake Believe’s five-song EP, Talk Speak, I’ll admit they had me a little worried. The too-slick, hipster-ish dance-funk grooves on the verses of both “Pornography” and “Another Dead Romantic” didn’t get more than a shrug out of me…

H-Town Mixtape

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