Welcome to the Fightback: The Internet (and The White House) Wakes Up and Takes on SOPA/PIPA

Hey, folks. Those who visit the site regularly might’ve noticed that yesterday Space City Rock looked a little different (at least, erm, from 9AM or so ’til 8PM); specifically, it looked black, with words something like…

Does Facebook Hate Garage Rock? (And No, Temporary Insanity’s Not Cancelled)

Okay, nobody panic. Remember earlier, when we posted about the Temporary Insanity garage-punk-rawk fest going on this coming weekend? Well, apparently some genius at Facebook decided…

SCR Now Up on FB

Hey, all — just wanted to let those who hadn’t already seen it know that yes, this happy little e-zine/Website thing now has its very own page on Facebook, located at a relatively easy-to-remember URL: http://www.facebook.com/spacecityrock. Big, big, big thank-yous are due to Marshall Preddy (aka “That Bright Men of Learning Guy”) for kindly offering […]

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