Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1 (er, 2): Text of Light + Eternal Summers (Rev’d!) + The Manichean + Menil Collection B-Day + More

sigh. Sorry, everybody — yours truly spent the bulk of yesterday in the air, flying back home to Houston from Cambridge, Mass., and so the whole show-rundown thing got dropped, I’m afraid. By the time I got home & settled…

Eternal Summers, Correct Behavior

While I thoroughly enjoyed Roanoke, Virginia, trio (well, then still a duo) Eternal Summers’ debut album Silver, I remember thinking that the album was more of a stepping stone for what would come next…

Eternal Summers, Prisoner EP

With their most recent EP, Prisoner, quirky post-shoegazers Eternal Summers ride a fine, fine line, and right when it’d be all too easy to fall off completely and go one way or the other, they yank the handlebars back in the opposite direction…

Dance Down the Rain: Surviving Summerfest 2011, Day Two

Damn. First off, yes, I do realize it’s been two freaking weeks since the end of this year’s Free Press Summerfest, and a week-and-a-half since the first installment

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