Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Houston Roxx Fest + the last place you look + The Devil Makes Three + El Desmadre + More

Hey, all — moving slow today, after a long, long, looooong day spent solo with our youngest, taking him to see snakes at the Zoo, taking him on the METRORail for the first time, up into downtown, wandering around inside the Exxopolis “luminarium” with him, letting him jump around in the water park at Discovery Green

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Benefit for The Freakouts + Tax the Wolf + Sleeping Ancient + Ska vs. Punk + Black Coffee + More

A little later than I’d hoped, today; ended up having an, um, interesting day of running errands, being barred from apparently-private parks, and fishing misfired arrows out of the neighbor’s yard with a rake, so I’m a bit behind on the show writeup for today, Saturday, December 15th. Even still, there’s time to get out […]

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