Yr. (Late) Weekend, Pt. 1: Square and Compass + The American Heist + Blues Control (MP3!) + Jody Seabody + Loretta Lynn + More

Argh. Late, late, late… Sorry for being so quiet this past week or so, y’all — early February is Birthday Time at our house, so most of my waking non-work hours in recent days have been spent running birthday-related errands or shepherding large gaggles of extremely loud 8/9-year-old girls around (with much shrieking)…

SXSW Overflow: Day Four (Dope Body, Dustin Wong, Mittenfields, Backwords, & More)

Argh. Dammit, scrambling again, on Day Four (Monday, March 12th, to be precise) of SXSW Overflow Fest over at Super Happy Fun Land. sigh. I swear, one of these damn days…

The Silver Jews, Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea

In a musical landscape where record reviews tend to devolve into name-checking, genre-hyphenating, deconstructionist vacuums, it’s refreshing to get the chance to review a record where this is practically impossible. Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea is just such a record…

Bill Callahan, Woke on a Whaleheart

Over the past decade and a half, Bill Callahan has gradually evolved from his roots as a lo-fi weirdo into one of the most confident and recognizable voices in the freak-folk movement. With Woke on a Whaleheart, Callahan has stepped, finally…

H-Town Mixtape

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