Deer Tick, Divine Providence

The easiest way to describe Deer Tick is to simply call them garage rock. They have the sound of a band that you’d expect to see playing in a dimly lit bar, spitting beer on people while more or less trashing the already-trashed place…

Houston Press BestFest, Coming Up (And Voting’s Now Underway)

Meant to post something about this earlier on, but hell, the {Houston Press} was doing a good enough job of covering/promoting it that there didn’t seem much point, y’know? Still, though, it seems like it’s definitely worth mentioning…

Live: Dr. Dog/Deer Tick

Every so often, a group of musicians walk on the stage and really owns every aspect of the performance. They have a magnetic energy that attracts people from both poles and anywhere in between, causing them to migrate…

Yr. Weekend: Lost In Space + The Gary + Western Civ + Deer Tick (MP3!) + Fiesta Movement + Mayday Mayhem + Alkari + More

Before I sign off for a bit, though, I wanted to hit some weekend highlights — and yeah, there’re quite a few, so I’m afraid I’m going to just have to list ’em off, for the most part…

H-Town Mixtape

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