Steamboat Ampworks, Movin’ On Up to Fifth Ward

If you happened to be at that little “Summerfest” festival-type thing people’ve been talking about quite a bit since about a month ago, you may’ve noticed a slew of banners floating around…

Main Street, Late at Night: An Interview with Yello Echo

After having played together for about a year, Yello Echo have still managed to remain mostly unheard of, for reasons I can’t fathom. When I first saw them playing at an art exhibit opening a few weeks ago, I was quite literally staring…

Dead City Sound

Dead City Sound is the studio run by ex-Johnny Killed Rock n Roll co-owner Chris Ryan, who started the place up when partner Eric left for cooler/wetter climes in the Pacific NW (and who I think also rocks/rocked the house himself as part of God’s Temple of Family Deliverance)…

H-Town Mixtape

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