Twin Forks, Twin Forks

I’ve been seriously intrigued by Twin Forks since they released their first shot across the bow late last year in the form of a self-titled EP, hoping that the band’s full-length would live up to the EP’s substantial, grin-inducing promise. Granted, it’d be all too easy to dismiss the whole Twin Forks project as yet another bunch of indie-rockers trying to “rediscover” their country-rock roots…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Cursive + Cymbals Eat Guitars + Dick Dale + John Lefler + Balance and Composure + More

Got plenty going on this weekend, y’all, starting with tonight, Friday, April 13th — and holy crap, I just realized what today is — but before I get into that, there’s some show-related news to impart to those who’re into this sort of thing…

Yr. Weekend (& Beyond), Pt. 1: Black Congress + Weird Party + Diplo + Goodnight Summer + Jealous Creatures + Blaggards + More

Heading into the Labor Day weekend with Friday, September 2nd, and I have to say, I’m feeling pretty psyched, not just about the weekend and not just because it’ll be yours truly’s birthday this coming Saturday, September 3rd

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