Football, Etc., Disappear

Sometimes, even when I really, really like a band — like is the case with, say, Houston-dwelling emo purveyors Football, etc. — there’s just some little thing/person/whatever missing to shove the whole thing over the edge into “holy crap, this is amazing” territory. Going by Football, etc.’s new four-song EP, Disappear, it looks like that thing is badass producer J. Robbins. Okay, that’s not all that’s happening here…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: football, etc. (Reviewed!) + Koffin Kats + Fat Tony + SXSW Overflow + Sean Reefer + More

Apologies (as always) for the lateness of this one; spent the last two days having Family Time at the Rodeo (where I had to attempt to explain the origin of the St. Patrick’s Day holiday to an annoyed South African carny) & out at the Blue Bell factory in Brenham (which I’d never been to before)…

football, etc., The Draft

Look, I know definitions change. Hell, I work with words for a living, day in and day out — I’m well aware that a word can mean one thing and then shift into meaning something else. That doesn’t mean, however, that I have to like it…

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