A Few Thoughts on Concrete Blonde, iPads, and Entertainment vs. Artistry

Earlier tonight, I was up at Warehouse Live, watching and listening to Johnette Napolitano, quasi-iconic singer/guitarist for Concrete Blonde. And yeah, she sounded great…

FPSF 2012 Rundown, Pt. 1: Caddywhompus + Girl In A Coma + Quiet Company + Diplo + Young the Giant + Morris Day + More

I’ve been very, very remiss when it comes to posting about the impending Free Press Summerfest, I’m afraid, and now here we are, and it’s just over a week from today…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Concrete Blonde + Anthrax + Ghetto Dinner + Fiskadoro + Boots Electric (MP3!) + More

Not entirely sure why — because it’s Halloween weekend, possibly — but tonight, Sunday, October 30th, is no ordinary Sunday, I swear. There’re a slew of good, good shows going on this evening…

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