West Helps East: Western Standards on Benefit Compilation for Japan

Alright, so I’m not generally the biggest fan of ambient/experimental music — I truly love M83 and My Bloody Valentine, and I like Ulrich Schnauss, but honestly, a lot of music like that just feels un-anchored to me, drifting around like airy sound that doesn’t mean or signify a damn thing…

Various Artists, Masters of Horror Original Soundtrack

Did anyone catch that miniseries on Showtime called Masters of Horror? If the answer’s “no,” well, it was a showcase of thirteen one-hour original horror films, each directed by a different classic director (John Carpenter, Dario Argento, John Landis, etc.)…

Various Artists, I Hate It Here, I Never Want To Leave

Damn, I feel old. I can remember a time when I’d scour the “Local” CD racks at Cactus and Soundwaves for H-town bands and comps, happily go see whoever was playing at Rudyard’s, Mary Jane’s, or The Oven on any given night, and shake my head in amazement at the wealth of unknown…

Various Artists, The Estrus Kamikaze Ass Chomp ‘N’ Stomp CD Sampler Vol. 4

This compilation features an assortment of bands that share a common affinity for pushing the boundaries of modern music. None of the 19 bands featured are very mainstream; Estrus, in fact, is known for its stable of well-respected, underground acts…

Various Artists, Buzzin’ Fly, Volume 2: Replenishing Music For The Modern Soul

Musician/DJ Ben Watt has been making music since the early eighties in the folk-turned-electro pop duo Everything But The Girl, but his more recent offerings are experiments in late-night club scenes. On this collection, the second in the Buzzin’ Fly series…

H-Town Mixtape

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