Get Yourself in Order: Talking Comics with Travis Starnes of the CMRO

Travis Starnes charts the complete chronology of Marvel Comics on his Website and in his podcast, The Complete Marvel Reading Order (CMRO). He strikes an informative and entertaining balance, with assistance from his brother…

I Came Here To Tell You I Hated It

This one’s not really a zine, honestly; it’s actually a collection of a comic strip called “Mole Holes,” which is/was published in the University of Houston‘s Daily Cougar and revolves/revolved around two moles…

Comicpalooza Gets Admiral Adama

Non-music-related, but hey; I had a blast last year with Midget #1 at Comicpalooza, and while the list of guests so far hasn’t been that mind-blowing, they announced a new big-namer today: Edward James Olmos

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